Sunday, December 25, 2011

"Finding Grace"

'Finding Grace' by Sara Pawley is the sequel to "Oh that I Had Wings'. The first book focuses on the brother Jack and the second book focuses on Grace Langdon. Grace is a 17 year old growing up in Stones Mill Virginia during the late 1920's. The town has not adapted to the changing world around it. Grace is the only girl in a family of five brothers and John Langdon aka'Jack' is her favorite. He makes her feel important in an era where only males are worthy. Grace is a strong-willed unmarried young lady who cares less what others say about her marital status. Strong-willed females have no place in the Langdon home where the male rules. The women are expected to marry and be homemakers.

Grace is determine to follow her own path instead of the typical path much to the chagrin of her parents. Her constant companion is her heroine Jane Eyre which she turns to for hope. Like her heroine, she believes marriage should be for love. Leisure time is very little in the Langdon household and getting caught reading would not be met with acceptance. Charlie Hillard, a man she knew in childhood, enters her life once again. Her parents try forcing her into marrying him but she refuses. She stands up to her stern father who doesn't react well to her rebellion. This causes her to run away to Chicago and go live with her brother.

Chicago is fascinating for Grace. Many things are unfamiliar to her like bathtubs and buses but she soon settles in. She finds herself infatuated with a friend of her brother, Henry, and she isn't sure how to react. Henry is years older than her but they are soon embroiled in a romance. Events happen that really test her courage and show her spunk. The story is interesting, clean romance capturing the essence of the roaring 20's. Unfortunately, this kind of control represented by Grace's parents is still rampant today. How can any mother stand by while her daughter is knocked around? Grace is truly is an amazing character ahead of her time.

Monday, December 19, 2011

"Beauty, Health, and Happiness"

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The book “Beauty, Health and Happiness” really appeals to me. It contains a lot of great information about how to feel good about yourself, which is so important for your overall well-being. It includes a section on how to lead a happier life, which I think everybody can profit from. You also learn about how to look and feel years younger with nutrition tips for healthy looking skin. Also included are recipes for making your own beauty and skin care products. Learn how to use various different essential oils and herbs in your day-to-day skin care for beautiful and young looking skin. The book also benefits from an introduction to alternative health and beauty and what it means. And I am sure that you also want to hear about beauty secrets that have been around for hundreds of years?

In my opinion, this book is a great read. Not only will it teach you how to lead a happier and more fulfilled life, but it also shows you ways to rejuvenate your body and how to create your own skin care products for youthful looking skin.

This book would make a lovely and well-appreciated gift for any of your special women friends in your life.

Monday, December 12, 2011

New Year New You

Whenever you're attempting to deduct a few additional pounds in the new year, two new books might assist. Hints and recipes, likewise as proven weight-loss strategies, may help you achieve your destination weight promptly.

The lo-carb vogue is complete and people are recognizing that what the experts have been telling all along is truthful: The sole path to reduce and hold it away is to curve calories and start workout. "Low-Calorie Dieting For Dummies" (Wiley, $21.99) by nutrition expert Susan McQuillan is a direct guide that indicates readers how to eat less calories than they burn and offers a delectable and secure low-calorie plan that's easy enough to follow for life. The book includes tools to better eating and work out habits, cope with tension and boredom, evaluate advancement and live a heartier, more cheerful life.

For 5,000 years, yoga workouts have been applied to get in shape. Adding weights offers a different property that's researched in "Yoga With Weights For Dummies" (Wiley, $21.99). All the physiological benefits of conventional yoga-muscle strengthening, balance and flexibility-come quicker since yoga with weights is stronger and spectacular than usual yoga. The book separates exercises into various assorted workouts and provides expert hints to help you win.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"QuiverFul: Inside the Christian Patriarchy Movement"

"Quiverfull:Inside the Christian Patriarchy Movement" by Kathryn Joyce takes an up close look at an extreme pro-natalist ideology called Quiverfull. In this movement, adherents shun all birth control, even natural family planning, leaving the number of kids in God's hands. Children are to be accepted as God's gifts regardless of finances or mental and physical health. Chemical birth control is considered an abortificant though no evidence finds any truth to these claims. The practice is taken from Psals127;3 "Lo , children are heritage of the Lord. Blessed is he who hath a quiver full." read the rest here