Saturday, March 30, 2013

Going Deeper

Going Deeper by Jean-Claude Koven is for certain a nicely delivered, hard-cover book. This fiction fantasy has an apparent disposition to aid readers who are starting up their individual spiritual pursuit
The primary character, Larry, is experiencing a melt down, of sorts. He determines the most effective remedy is to retreat into nature. The trouble is that along the way, Larry starts to hear the voice of his dog speaking like a guru. Uncertain if he is going entirely mad, he proceeds in shock until he is able to soak up the change in realism. Between Zeus, the speaking dog, and being visited by a diversity of spiritual guides, Larry learns the solutions to his many questions about life, meaning, fate and more.

One could suppose this is by all odds an unusual plot line! Personally, I determined the book hard to read, as it was a little too deep, occasionally boring and at times the plot line appeared a little nonsensical. I really think it was the authors purpose to include an immense amount of information that may guide spiritual seekers, but it is penned with some features of witticism and zest. Jean-Claude has been on an sweeping journey of his own and factors of many belief systems can be seen throughout the book."
ISBN#: 0972395458
Author: Jean-Claude Koven
Publisher: Prism House Press

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Born Evil

Author of two books and numerous short stories, J.P. Ransom is busily composing a series of books known as Colla’d Greens and two more  books are included in the continuation to Born Evil.
Born Evil is a compact, 150-page book that is published on acid-free paper – which could be of interest to the environmentally aware consumer. I would place this book in the scary horror category, which involves a baby that is born evil. Traumatized by former experiences, only deepens Jonathan’s natural disposition – a brutal want to induce injury. Unready for a troubled child, his adopted parents are continually weltering in thick quarries of intense uncertainty. Rick suspects the truth, but Trish discovers it very difficult to suppose or even admit that little Jonathon is competent of such odious acts.

I believe the book creates a good point that a few people are plainly born with a want to do harm, with no abusive situation to ascribe these urges to. Readers are also shown how these impulses can easily be promoted through socially acceptable entertainment and through being witness to violent acts.
While reading Born Evil, I experienced a wide array of emotions from anger to sadness and shock. The ending was exceptional and I look forward to J.P. Ransom’s sequel.
ISBN#: 1410788520
Author: J.P. Ransom
Publisher: Author House

Monday, March 18, 2013

Fire and Ice

A superior novel that will bestow tears of frustration and hurting and then teardrops of delight from the reader.'Fire in the Ice’ is an ideal title for this book.

The warmth, disarray and ire that the primary character (Deedra) experienced, along with her anguish over the loss of her parents and the demise of her young husband made her  cover her heart, lock it away and survive just by a in depth survival mode. (Therefore the "Ice".) Meeting Josh, she got occupied with dread at what could be her first experiences with real love and real passion and she almost abhorred him for interrupting her cautiously fabricated existence.

However, Deedra was not solo in her fright of feeling – Josh as well lived through a horrific relationship that left him mistrustful of commitment. Her continual rebuttal was difficult on Josh, who was accustomed getting what he desired, but his tenaciousness and love expelled her from her own prison and helped Deedra see that she had never actually existed in the least – but only lived. None of Deedra’s travel through her Self was achievable without the true-blue support of her devout friend, Marcy.
This romance novel had a few very steamy scenes (the "Fire") that, though not over-used, were for certain so well written that this shy commentator was reddening furiously while reading them – much to the amusement of my spouse!

Katlyn Stewart has done an superior job attracting the reader into the lives of her characters and feeling their pain and elation. I would not hesitate to pick up a different title authored by Katlyn.
Publisher: Publish America, Inc.
ISBN#: 141373278X
Author: Katlyn Stewart

Friday, March 8, 2013

Falsely Accused:Ji, Garrison's Investigation of the JFk Assasination

Writer R.E. Payne takes an in depth look at the JFK assassination in “Falsely Accused”. The answers that America has been wanting to know for decades come from the author of “Caught in the Crossfire“ and “Brandon lee: The Untold Story“. One question that has gone unanswered is the reason why the Justice Department and the New Orleans D.A. Jim Garrison refused to investigate the Mafia leader Carlos Marcello’s link to the assassination. Why did officials deny the connection between the mafia and the JFK assassination when it was an obviously needed investigation? These questions are answered in this eye-opening explanation.

David Ferrie, Clay Shaw, and Lee Harvey Oswald continue to generate curiosity in the minds that want the real truth about what happened on that terrible day. Witnesses claim they saw the three of them together, but the stories vary. Payne takes the case even further by taking a close look at how the New Orleans FBI and the ones in charge of the JFK assassination investigation along with the possibility of Marcello being involved. Payne gives very detailed descriptions about key components of the investigation like FOGG arrest report and the BRILLAB tape. Tough the House Select Committee cautiously investigate, the FBI was regarded inefficient in some areas. R.E. Payne is known for writing about the misdeeds of the FBI.