Saturday, March 30, 2013

Going Deeper

Going Deeper by Jean-Claude Koven is for certain a nicely delivered, hard-cover book. This fiction fantasy has an apparent disposition to aid readers who are starting up their individual spiritual pursuit
The primary character, Larry, is experiencing a melt down, of sorts. He determines the most effective remedy is to retreat into nature. The trouble is that along the way, Larry starts to hear the voice of his dog speaking like a guru. Uncertain if he is going entirely mad, he proceeds in shock until he is able to soak up the change in realism. Between Zeus, the speaking dog, and being visited by a diversity of spiritual guides, Larry learns the solutions to his many questions about life, meaning, fate and more.

One could suppose this is by all odds an unusual plot line! Personally, I determined the book hard to read, as it was a little too deep, occasionally boring and at times the plot line appeared a little nonsensical. I really think it was the authors purpose to include an immense amount of information that may guide spiritual seekers, but it is penned with some features of witticism and zest. Jean-Claude has been on an sweeping journey of his own and factors of many belief systems can be seen throughout the book."
ISBN#: 0972395458
Author: Jean-Claude Koven
Publisher: Prism House Press

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