Sunday, July 29, 2012

Two Classic 1980's Scholastic books

"Your Former Friend Matthew"Louann Bigge
Not many books focus on friendships between boys and girls at least without not being romantic toward the end.  This classic from  1980's Scholastic Book book club feature Gail and Matthew who have been friends since childhood.  However, when Matthew comes back from camp he totally changes. He just wants to hang around the guys. Gail thought her mother would make her feel better but she gets no help there. Gail copes by making new female friends. One is Amanda, an affluent girl whose mother died a few years before and Julie, a studious girl. While trying to figure things out, Gail gets lost on a subway and embarasses Matthew in front of his friends. The author does a good job of capturing teen angst and growing pains. It will probably be enjoyed by 10-13 year olds but even adults will  like it.

"Prisoners at the Kitchen Table" Barbara Holland

What happens when you talk to strangers? Josh and Polly find out fast. Polly is an afflunet girl who has everything anybody could want while Josh lives a modest life. He likes to watch tv so much that his mother forced him outside on a chilly fall afternoon. While he is fishing, he meets up with Polly. A couple claiming to be her aunt and uncle. They offer to give th ekids a ride home. Josh is skeptic but goes along anyway. They soon find themselves miles from town in an abandoned cabin. The kidnapers demand $10000 for each
 kid for their safe return. All they do is watch TV and eat pizza. Will they ever escape? This teaches agod lesson in not talking to strangers.

Friday, July 20, 2012

'Geek On Cal: 5 Minute Computer Fixes"

In the last two decades, the PC has developed from a sophisticated toy for brainiacs with pocket protectors, into a critical function of nearly every American house and business. And with the assistance of the World Wide Web and the newest software, PCs can be employed for everything from communication and productivity to amusement and leisurely pastimes.

As luck would have it for the novice or apprentice PC user, there's no techie boot camp or PC driver's license to secure a kernel competency in personal computing, and it's easy to become bemused or leave out vital particulars in a new computer system.

However, assistance is on the way. Wiley Publishing, the premier personal technology publisher, has created a new series of computer books in conjugation with Geeks On Call-America's premier supplier of on-the-spot computer services. In collaboration, they are casting out four titles that will help home and small-business users with everything from tuning and preserving a Windows XP system to establishing and securing a wireless network.

The "Geeks On Call 5-Minute Fixes" series aspires to distinctly explain the most typically diagnosed issues afflicting PC users and save them both income and time on service calls or telephone tech support. The first four titles in the series include "Security and Privacy," "Windows XP," "PCs" and "Wireless Networking." With these books-which list at $14.99 each-reader finds out straightforward means to have a better and more secure personal computing experience.

Geeks On Call is the leading independent supplier of on-the-spot computer services. Its licensed, trained and tested technicians supply skilled computer instalment and networking services, on-site fixes, security solutions and system upgrades for residential and commercial clients alike.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sales and Marketing Magazine

Sales and Marketing Management (Magazine Subscription)
Where to buy:

Sales and Marketing Management (Magazine Subscription)
Where to buy:

If you run your have prosperous business, you recognize that it is urgent that you remain top of the cutting-edge sales and marketing styles and news. Searching online on suitable websites is one method, a different alternative is by subscribing to a high profile marketing magazine that offers you the most recent first-rate information from well esteemed masters in their area.

The Sales and Marketing Management is a magazine subscription that gives you a wealth of information from specialists and potent and booming companies. It furnishes, in my aspect, a very fascinating blend of content - you will be able to study up on latest research, strategies and pertinent case reports. This information will present you the upper hand in your business and propel it forward.

Overall, if you prefer to learn about becoming a sharper seller and in doing so distribute numerous products, this magazine is for certain money well spent. It is issued five times annuallyr.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Deadly Duplicates

As I first read the primary subject of the book, I believed it appeared implausible. I couldn’t have been more amiss. As a matter of fact, the final 30 pages were so bewitching everything else in my life had to be postponed until I completed the book. Writer Margaret Lenois accepts a hard chore with this serial murderer plot line. Deadly Duplicates is a fiction novel about magical identical conjoined twin* that would conform to i the genres of suspense and psychological thriller.

Separated conjoined twins* Deborah and Doreen Price were the topics of chatter for hospital faculty from the minute they entered the world – and it was not  looking the same or their scars that set them apart. As young kids, their mother’s mind cracked after a few horrific and alarming events including seeing her own parents being inflamed alive in her childhood house. Yet she must rule over her voluntary unconscious state in time to salvage her girls.

Has their mother been lacking so long that she cannot make a difference? Can the love of two investigators – the very men who adore them at home, but look into the murders by day - save them? Read the book and find out!

ISBN#: 0976773244
Author: Margaret LeNois
Publisher: A Better Be Write Publisher