Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Deadly Duplicates

As I first read the primary subject of the book, I believed it appeared implausible. I couldn’t have been more amiss. As a matter of fact, the final 30 pages were so bewitching everything else in my life had to be postponed until I completed the book. Writer Margaret Lenois accepts a hard chore with this serial murderer plot line. Deadly Duplicates is a fiction novel about magical identical conjoined twin* that would conform to i the genres of suspense and psychological thriller.

Separated conjoined twins* Deborah and Doreen Price were the topics of chatter for hospital faculty from the minute they entered the world – and it was not  looking the same or their scars that set them apart. As young kids, their mother’s mind cracked after a few horrific and alarming events including seeing her own parents being inflamed alive in her childhood house. Yet she must rule over her voluntary unconscious state in time to salvage her girls.

Has their mother been lacking so long that she cannot make a difference? Can the love of two investigators – the very men who adore them at home, but look into the murders by day - save them? Read the book and find out!

ISBN#: 0976773244
Author: Margaret LeNois
Publisher: A Better Be Write Publisher

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