Friday, July 20, 2012

'Geek On Cal: 5 Minute Computer Fixes"

In the last two decades, the PC has developed from a sophisticated toy for brainiacs with pocket protectors, into a critical function of nearly every American house and business. And with the assistance of the World Wide Web and the newest software, PCs can be employed for everything from communication and productivity to amusement and leisurely pastimes.

As luck would have it for the novice or apprentice PC user, there's no techie boot camp or PC driver's license to secure a kernel competency in personal computing, and it's easy to become bemused or leave out vital particulars in a new computer system.

However, assistance is on the way. Wiley Publishing, the premier personal technology publisher, has created a new series of computer books in conjugation with Geeks On Call-America's premier supplier of on-the-spot computer services. In collaboration, they are casting out four titles that will help home and small-business users with everything from tuning and preserving a Windows XP system to establishing and securing a wireless network.

The "Geeks On Call 5-Minute Fixes" series aspires to distinctly explain the most typically diagnosed issues afflicting PC users and save them both income and time on service calls or telephone tech support. The first four titles in the series include "Security and Privacy," "Windows XP," "PCs" and "Wireless Networking." With these books-which list at $14.99 each-reader finds out straightforward means to have a better and more secure personal computing experience.

Geeks On Call is the leading independent supplier of on-the-spot computer services. Its licensed, trained and tested technicians supply skilled computer instalment and networking services, on-site fixes, security solutions and system upgrades for residential and commercial clients alike.

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