Thursday, April 18, 2013

Time Management Secrets for Working Women

Time Management Secrets For Working Women
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The author of Time Management Secrets For Working Women, Ruth Klein, is a business and career coach. She coaches businesses, professionals, college students and moms. Her goal is to help people, especially women, to find a better balance between career and home life. Today’s working women have to manage families and work and endless tasks each day.
In her book she teaches women how to make the most out of their time at work, to have success in their career, as well as at home. She provides lots of practical advice on how to be organized in a way that gets lots of tasks done quickly and efficiently.
Some examples of her chapters include topics on:
How to not feel guilty when self-indulging
How to make time for love
How to take control of your schedule
How to beat stress
How to organize your desk to reflect priorities
The telephone, cell phone and email: the women’s best and worst friends
The pros and cons of working from home
Learning to relax while still getting things done.
Ruth Klein empowers women to rise above the demands of their lives, while at the same time beating stress and getting the most out of every day.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fading Toward Enlightenment

Fading Toward Enlightenment by Wayne Wirs is by all odds a well constructed book of superior quality – it will for certain run multiple readings. I adored the feel of the pages as I turned them. I would classify this book as a of value, inspirational, self-help instrument for those looking for for internal serenity. Wayne shares his private experiences while he seeks to come to terms with himself and life  as a whole through this esthetic work of art.
Wayne is genuinely a searcher of understanding. I was reminded at times of Joseph Campbell throughout the book, as the two center on related subjects. Wayne shares his journey towards reason that takes him through vigorous studies of occult and myths, journeying into himself and then out once more. He dreams of being able to achieve beyond the self-importance.

Attractive, attention-demanding monochrome pics are increased by the deep-thinking quotes and the author’s excellent discussions. Each point in his travel is followed by the elegant photographs, and the pics add depth to the text – feeding one another. I discovered that I would read a sentence and then look at the pic; to and fro - each page a slow and appreciated action to relish. Published to prompt others to dig deep into finding out who they are, Wayne asks us (as he asks himself) "Who are you behind those interfering ideas?"

The question and answer interview at the end of the book was rather helpful in discovering more about the author’s personal side and his individual opinions. He also includes a list of resources to assist the reader interested in advancing their journey."
ISBN#: 0976358107
Author: Wayne Wirs
Publisher: Missing Man Press

Saturday, April 6, 2013

A monster Named Chriney

Superior! The best children book of this genre that I have had the delight to review!
A Monster Named Criney Who Makes Kids Whiney by Heather Zuckerman can be grouped as an adolescent fiction geared for children aged between three and seven. Mood-setting lustrous color full pages greet the reader upon unfolding the lasting cover. Brilliant employment of rhythmic cadence and cunning design tempts the reader to use sound characterization and boosts interaction with the readers. Because of these traits, this book would work superbly when read out loud to a group of children.

Whenever Criney stops by a home to rest his weary feet, the children indoors become confused and whine. The story has Criney ‘visit’ many dwellings before an answer is discovered. I believe it will help children recognize how goofy and ineffective their whining and sulking is. The book extends one step further by teaching children an instrument to inhibit those awful feelings and alter their emotions through laughter. Laughter IS the most beneficial medication after all!
Cheerful and warm – this book actually had me smiling! This could be integrated as an excellent tool that uses humor to assist parents, educators and anyone else in fields working with younger children, against the nerve-grating whining and anger that all children experience."
ISBN#: 0974430706
Author: Heather Zuckerman
Illustrations: Shelly Meridith Delice
Publisher: Merry Lane Press