Sunday, April 29, 2012

A lesson In Hope

In a town where everyone knows everything, the writer of this beautiful, irregular memoir came to live in a place no one knows exists. In "Still Life with Chickens" (Hudson Street Press, $21.95), Catherine Goldhammer arouses at midlife to find herself freshly separated and a few tax brackets lower, pushed by conditions to move from the wealthy New England suburb of her daughter's childhood into a fresh, less sophisticated life by the sea. Against every system of logic, partly to delight her daughter and partly for causes not clear to her at the time, she starts this year of conversion by buying six baby chickens, whose job-she comes to suspect-is to force her and her daughter ahead, out of one life and into a different. As she step by step transforms her new home-with its cheap outside but beaming soul-she discovers her gifted 12-year-old daughter blossomed into a fashionable and advanced adolescent. And as she tends to the needs of six ambiguous chickens, Goldhammer's life slowly shifts from bedlam to blessing. Beautifully composed and quietly fundamental, "Still Life with Chickens" is an unforgettable lesson in hope, in starting over and in the transcendent wisdom that can frequently be found in the most farfetched of places. The courageous, comical and heartbreaking beautiful memoir is available wherever books are sold.

Monday, April 23, 2012

VIolet the Pilot Series

Canadian trade pilot, proprietor of a printing company, mother of two and author of the Violet the Pilot children’s book serial, Bettina Bathe has a gift and vigor for today’s youth. I believe this air travel adventure fiction series is suitable for kids aged between three and eight years old. Her children’s book series center during one time of year in one nation at once, though the escapades in each book are widely assorted and involve diverse aircraft. Beginning in Canada, Bettina’s chief character takes three riders in a floatplane for a camping/fishing trip during the spring. Her second book has Violet the Pilot carrying two young French riders on a hot-air balloon ride to a site where the duo can begin a bike tour escapade and enjoy autumns aesthetic colors. Bettina’s third book in the series is focused on the Hawaiian Islands during the summer season, where two young passengers want a scenic tour of the islands in Violet’s helicopter. In this book, there is an unforeseen adventure when the three were called upon to rescue a marooned baby whale. These books could be regarded educational tools as the illustrator, Barbara Fortin, integrates well-designed scenery describing the countryside, wildlife, appareling and food that are encountered in each country. Bettina uses educational information about air power and the assorted aircraft that are used in her books. The employment of maps and other interesting pictures including each country’s flag – will for certain give the reader tools for additional interaction with the children. Distinctly, Bettina’s series of children’s books are configured to not only educate children about their world and the diverse aircraft technology, but are also composed with the intention to prompt aviation dreams in young girls. The author’s website ( provides ongoing competitions and awards for readers. Violet the Pilot in Canada – issued October 2004 – ISBN# 1-4120-3215-6 Violet the Pilot in France – printed July 2005 – ISBN# 0-9738290-0-1 Violet the Pilot in Hawaii – released January 2006 – ISBN# 0-9738290-1-X

Monday, April 16, 2012

Holiday At Roselands

Holiday at Roselands is the second book in the Elsie series. It picks up where the first left off. Horace and nine year old Elise take up residence after the holidays in Oaks mansion and traveling to see friends. Horace has converted to Christianity but still expect cheerful obedience from Elsie. For example:
"Elsie," said Lucy, presently, in an undertone, "Carry has been showing
us her bracelet, and I think it is beautiful; she won't tell whose hair
it is--I guess it's her sister's, maybe--but I'm sure yours would make
just as pretty a bracelet, and I want one for my mamma; won't you give me
one of your curls to make it? you have so many that one would never
be missed."

"No, Miss Lucy," said Mr. Dinsmore, looking at them over his paper, "you
can't have one of my curls; I can't spare it."

"I don't want one of _your_ curls, Mr. Dinsmore," laughed Lucy, merrily.
"I didn't ask for it. Your hair is very pretty, too, but it would be
quite too short."

"I beg your pardon, Miss Lucy, if my ears deceived me," said he, with
mock gravity, "but I was quite certain I heard you asking for one of my
curls. Perhaps, though, you are not aware of the fact that my curls grow
on two heads."

"I don't know what you mean, Mr. Dinsmore," replied Lucy, laughing again,
"but it was one of Elsie's curls I asked for."

"Elsie doesn't own any," said he; "they all belong to me. I let her wear
them, to be sure, but that is all; she has no right to give them away."

He turned to his paper again, and Elsie bent over her work, her face
flushed, and her little hand trembling so that she could scarcely hold
her needle.

"I'm afraid I ought to tell papa," she thought, "that I did give one of
my curls away. I never thought about his caring, but I might have known,
because when I wanted my hair cut last summer, he said they shouldn't one
of them be touched. Oh! dear, why didn't I think of that? I am afraid he
will be very much displeased."

Horace also scolds Elsie for asking to play Jacks on the floor which he forbade her to do once.
She went to him then, and said timidly, "Papa, some of the little ones
want me to play jack-stones, to teach them how; may I, if we don't sit on
the floor?"

"Elsie," he replied, in a tone of great displeasure, "it was only the
other day that I positively forbade you to play that game, and, after all
that I have said to you about not asking a second time, it surprises me
very much that you would dare to do it. Go to my dressing-room, and shut
yourself into the closet there."

Arthur is still up to his old tricks. He tries to borrow money from Elsie and she refuses him. H pushes her down a embankment while the kids were walking knocking her unconscious. He is sent to boarding school. Not much else happens. Horace and Elsie make a trip up North and visit Rose Allison and her family.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

"Reality Checked'

Reality Checked – Life through Death, is a striking saga about getting substance in a world of hurting and superfluous hate founded on the color of skin. Former school teacher and theologian, Victor Waller has integrated many of life’s matters by the lives of his characters who were pressured to arrive at decisions in despairing situations. Racial discrimination, retaliation and hate are rampant in this book. Domestic abuse and the perils concealed within our society’s foster care arrangement are also covered.

There is only single primary persona – Catherine Brown – along with a innkeeper of supporting characters. Catherine grows up below the dreaded terror of racial discrimination - which a few apply merely as an excuse to hurt another person. As a matter of fact, her father and uncle were orphaned at a very young age by a racist assault. The fairy-tale love story of her parents slipped away as concerns of her father’s suspected unfaithfulness enforces her mother’s charges that she is being poisoned. Never really recognizing the truth, Catherine staggers through her youth and into adulthood.

Regrettably, a troubled person savagely slays her family and Catherine is hauled away by the law and put behind bars for many years. She came through the brutal surroundings by the friendship of her cellmate – and their hunger for retaliation.

As an elderly woman, Catherine is only free from the bars of her prison. Her body is now her prison guard – it is found that she inherited her mother’s mystifying sickness. Believing she had no family left alive, Catherine is amazed when she is invited to a family reunion. This reunion turns out to be one of Catherine’s biggest challenges. As she tries to amend the family strife, she is contacted by an individual from the past and her chance for retaliation is handed to her on a silver platter.

Victor Waller has produced a significant and meaningful tale in Reality Checked. As a matter of fact, the work is well titled. The novel provokes the reader to question their own options in life - and possibly, to release some of the pessimistic inner voices which influence their decisions.

I give this 377 page novel the highest of ratings with no hesitation, any."

ISBN#: 0976498103
Author: Victor Waller
Publisher: Turn Key Press

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Scrap Facts Guide

The Scrap Facts Guide

Do you enjoy the idea of scrapbooking, but have not a hint about where to start? Have you been covetous of the aesthetic scrapbooks your friends have produced? Or do you prefer to learn, but not know any scrapbookers who could teach you the rudiments?

You could take a local scrapbooking course. But those can be slightly costly, and you have to attend on the instructor agenda. And unless you're the only one in the class, it's rather feasible that it will go too rapid for you, or maybe even more slowly than you would like. In any case, scrapbooking classes are not promptly accessible in all areas. Wouldn't it be much easier to have a all-inclusive reference that you are able to go to at your convenience, and follow at your own pace?

The Scrap Facts Guide contains all the information that someone new to scrapbooking needs. Whether you know the fundamentals but can't seem to master the harder methods or haven't even assembled the courage to attempt, this ebook can help. It addresses everything from organizing your pics to creating great layouts to adding lovely embellishments.

Contrary to a few scrapbooking guides, the Scrap Facts Guide is published in terms that even the most naïve scrapbooking beginner can interpret. There's no cryptic, complex language to wade through, just clear, easy to understand directions composed in plain English. Yet there are hints included that more seasoned scrapbookers can use to make their projects even better.

The Scrap Facts Guide even comes with a 30-day money back warranty. If you don't learn everything you need to know to add aesthetic ornamentations to your scrapbooks, you get a full refund. So you truly have zero to lose.

If you would like to learn everything you need to know to get off to a great start with scrapbooking, this informative and easily digestible ebook is for you. It can get you on the road to creating the scrapbook you've been dreaming of in no time.