Sunday, April 8, 2012

"Reality Checked'

Reality Checked – Life through Death, is a striking saga about getting substance in a world of hurting and superfluous hate founded on the color of skin. Former school teacher and theologian, Victor Waller has integrated many of life’s matters by the lives of his characters who were pressured to arrive at decisions in despairing situations. Racial discrimination, retaliation and hate are rampant in this book. Domestic abuse and the perils concealed within our society’s foster care arrangement are also covered.

There is only single primary persona – Catherine Brown – along with a innkeeper of supporting characters. Catherine grows up below the dreaded terror of racial discrimination - which a few apply merely as an excuse to hurt another person. As a matter of fact, her father and uncle were orphaned at a very young age by a racist assault. The fairy-tale love story of her parents slipped away as concerns of her father’s suspected unfaithfulness enforces her mother’s charges that she is being poisoned. Never really recognizing the truth, Catherine staggers through her youth and into adulthood.

Regrettably, a troubled person savagely slays her family and Catherine is hauled away by the law and put behind bars for many years. She came through the brutal surroundings by the friendship of her cellmate – and their hunger for retaliation.

As an elderly woman, Catherine is only free from the bars of her prison. Her body is now her prison guard – it is found that she inherited her mother’s mystifying sickness. Believing she had no family left alive, Catherine is amazed when she is invited to a family reunion. This reunion turns out to be one of Catherine’s biggest challenges. As she tries to amend the family strife, she is contacted by an individual from the past and her chance for retaliation is handed to her on a silver platter.

Victor Waller has produced a significant and meaningful tale in Reality Checked. As a matter of fact, the work is well titled. The novel provokes the reader to question their own options in life - and possibly, to release some of the pessimistic inner voices which influence their decisions.

I give this 377 page novel the highest of ratings with no hesitation, any."

ISBN#: 0976498103
Author: Victor Waller
Publisher: Turn Key Press

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