Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Kisho Now here’s a treat for dog-lovers! Author of multiple short stories for children, Jarod Twiford, has lately released his first children’s book, Kisho. This plot line is unique and has an closing that readers will not see arriving. Everyone loves a hero story. But in Kisho, the hero is an animated creature that is not actually animated nor is he an animal! Here we have a young boy who in private enjoys watching animated films. He experiences a magical transmutation into an animated persona from a film and commences an adventure of a lifetime. Imminent tragedy, earthquakes, romance, adventure and discovering true happiness are all a part of the plot line in Kisho. Jarod Twiford has been publishing for young people for about six years before the release of this book. After intensive research and scrupulous care to detail, he picked the name for the leading character because Kisho means "one who knows his own mind". His profound use of many breeds of canines by all odds lent more power to the characters' personalities. Though I felt a few areas were a little hurried over by the writer, it for certain uses an interesting and fairly strange theme. This book is certain to entertain and be read multiple times by readers. ISBN#: 1-4241-0525-0 Author: Jarod Twiford Publisher: Publish America