Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Traci's Story

Tracie’s Story: Book Review Tracie’s Story, by Marguerite Ashton, had absorbed me into the story straight from the beginning, and I had trouble tearing myself away from the book the whole way to the close. This is very a impressing narrative that is based on a real story of a woman brought up by an alcoholic single mother. As a child, Tracie courageously takes on the barrage of troubles, contempt and responsibilities of dealing with a helplessly intoxicated parent – but it leaves her emotionally marked. While driving under the influence, the careless mother imposes a lasting and open impairment on her child that serves as a never-ending reminder of her past. Every mirror, every pair of eyes reflects her abnormality and this becomes an agony for Tracie. As an adult, she battles with her inner ogres and the mind-numbing dependencies to both alcohol and her work. Marguerite Ashton applies a direct and simple writing style that enfolds the reader in Tracie’s world so profoundly that the real world fades away for a little while. The conclusion left me with a feeling that the book is not completed. Yet, because I was thinking about it for days, I would have to say the conclusion was rather effective. ISBN#: 1-4137-7386-9 Author: Marguerite Ashton Publisher: Publish America

Friday, September 6, 2013

Her Backyard

Her Backyard by Doreen Lewis is an adventure, romance novel that portrays a career woman in the center of self-discovery. It is about drawing options that may not be so painless to make and complicated relationships between co-workers, siblings and friends. I am sure that many readers within the age group between 30 and 40 will find a link with Audrey, the chief character. Audrey and her sister Ava have a adjoining, close – occasionally tense, other times clownish – relationship. Their mother passed when they were young and now they were about to lose thier father as well. Audrey comes back home for the funeral and meets up with an old flame that helps her come to terms with what is lacking in her life. Office politics were exhausting and career thirsty colleagues were beginning to both gravel and deplete her. She starts to question her alternatives in life and is presented with suitable alternatives that play tug-of-war with her mind. At long last, tired and emotionally wrought she is presented the chance to choose the path of content happiness. Audrey learns to arrive at a decision established upon her needs, instead of attempting to live up to the out of the question lifestyle society promotes. Her Backyard unquestionably has a plot line that I believe many women can associate with. Career women have to make many sacrifices and there are times when one enquires if this lifestyle is genuinely full satisfying all their needs. I think Doreen Lewis has written a fine book depicting this enigma. ISBN#: 0976091941 Author: Doreen Lewis Publisher: Helm Publishing