Thursday, May 30, 2013


Recall the Batman films? Well, the movie producer of prosperous films like these and amusing children’s television programs such as Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?, Michael Uslan, has issued this endearing children’s book. Chatterbox – The birdwatch Who Wore Glasses is available in a lasting, hardback format with an adorable cover sleeve that will help extend the life of the book. At 40 pages and full of superior illustrations, this book is for certain to entertain children.
Melancholy, red-headed Nancy doesn’t adapt to  the other kids who call her "Nancy Nobody". She wished and longed-for a new friend and one day the dream came real when a plumaged, sight-challenged friend flew her way. Nancy felt wanted, she was adored, and her world was positioned correctly by her new amusing bird.
John Steven Gurney, a very productive artist and illustrator, colorfully illustrates the big pages with enough of things to look at. Composed in playful, light poetry the writer does reference things like prayer and "God’s love", there fore it may attract to a churchgoing audience.
The book icomes with a CD with 2 songs and the orated translation of the narration by actress Brittany Murphy (voice of Luanne on King of the Hill, also recognized for her roles in Clueless and Up Town Girls). This could for sure attract  self-governing child who wants to "read" the book themselves. As well, the CD option may offer a few additional moments for busy caregivers. The bullying depicted in the start of the story, though very minor, may be useful for constructing empathy in the classroom for solitary and separate souls.
Children with family pets, particularly birds, would by all odds relish this book. Likewise, kids that are just getting accustomed to either themselves or someone they know who has lately gotten glasses.
Chatterbox – The Bird Who Wore Glasses is really the premier book in a series by the author Michael Uslan. Check out the website for the book at: www(dot)chatterboxthebirdwhoworeglasses(dot)com

ISBN#: 0-97538432-5
Author: Michael E. Uslan
Illustrator: John Steven Gurney
Publisher: EE Publishing & Productions, Inc.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Party Time Making Invitations, Favors, Deocrations

Party Time!: Making Invitations, Favors, and Decorations   
If you enjoy giving a great party but find it difficult to find just the right invitations, favors, and decorations for your shindig, there is a resource that you have to consider. The Party Time book is filled with projects for making just the right invites, favors, and d├ęcor for your next gathering.
Never again will you be short on ideas and inspiration for making special times memorable! Find fun ideas for creating invitations, favors, and decorations for a multitude of events.
With Party Time you will:
• Find 15 occasions to celebrate with simple projects that even beginners can do—includes over 75 ideas
• Create projects for holidays from Valentine’s Day to Christmas, plus events such as showers, birthdays, graduations, and retirement parties
• Learn easy techniques for making an accordion-fold invitation, a pinwheel, party crackers, and more
And a few of the projects you might enjoy are:
• Ocean Isle Beach
• I Love Every Part of You
• Grace Lynn
• Graduation Autograph Mat
• Friends Magnetic Memo Board
• Wedding Family Tree
• Love Frames
• Fun at the Park
• Pumpkin Patch
• Baby Keepsakes
• Key to My Heart Clipboard
• Photo Transfers on Tiles
Most of the ideas are fresh and really inspiring and make party planning even more enjoyable. With color and materials combinations that are unique and attractive along with easy to follow instructions, one no longer needs to feel like party planning is a daunting task.
So plan your party with the Party Time!: Making Invitations, Favors, and Decorations craft book.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Painting Clay Pots

Painting and Decorating Clay Pots: 117 Step-by-Step Projects for Making People, Animals, and Fantasy Characters on Terra-Cotta Pots
Where to buy:
Painting and Decorating Clay Pots is a fantastic book on how to turn ordinary clay pots into something special.
The book provides information on materials and tools needed with over 100 projects for you and your family. Clay pots can be transformed into functional, fun and charming indoor or outdoor decorations, for your home or backyard. The projects include a wide variety of different decors, small and large, elegant and stylish.
Some of the projects are:
* Easter Bunny
* Farming Family
* Turtle
* Goblin
* Birdfeeder
* Sunflower People
* Summer Windchime
* Hip Ladybugs
* Halloween Bat
* And lots more
This book will certainly provide fun and entertainment for the whole family.
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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Top 8 Southwest Cookbooks

The Border Cookbook : Authentic Home Cooking of the American Southwest and Northern Mexico
~ Cheryl & Bill Jamison ~
This collection of 300 flavorful recipes is sure to whet your appetite. From salsa, fajitas, enchiladas, and pinata pollo - just to name a few - this book provides you with delicious American Southwest border cuisine.

American Indian Cooking: Recipes from the Southwest
~ Carolyn Niethammer ~
In this 191 page book you'll discover some of the culinary traditions that the Indians of the Southwest used to make. You'll find 150 authentic recipes like yucca hash, hominy and so much more.

The Food of Santa Fe: Authentic Recipes from the American Southwest
~ Dave Dewitt & Nancy Gerlach ~
In this 144 page book you will find some of the most delightful, authentic traditional dishes of New Mexico. Not only does this book provide recipes for you, it also gives you some geographical and historical context as well.

The Southwest Table: Traditional Cuisine from Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona
~ Dave DeWitt ~
Enjoy a taste of the American Southwest in this 288 page book. This book provides almost 200 recipes of exquisite cuisine from Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico. Not only does the author provide you with all these recipes, he provides some cooking terms and ingredients that are specific to Southwestern cuisine.

The Tex-Mex Cookbook: A History in Recipes and Photos
~ Robb Walsh ~
Enjoy a taste of Tex-Mex foods in this 288 page book. With over 100 recipes and 150 photos, you'll find lots of delicious recipes to tempt your taste buds. Some of the tasty recipes included are old fashioned puffy tacos, truck stop chili, stacked enchiladas, and sizzling fajitas.

Mexican Cooking Dude Cookbook -- Authentic Mexican Recipes from Mexico and the American Southwest (Kindle Version)
~ John Choisser ~
In this 71 page Kindle book, you will find real authentic Mexican recipes. Not only has the author provided the recipes, he's also provided photos. You'll find several recipes to tempt your taste buds like chimichangas, pinto beans, and fish tacos - just to name a few.

The Homesick Texan Cookbook
~ Lisa Fain ~
This collection of more than 125 recipes will give you a taste of Texan cuisine. With tasty creations like chile fish tacos, soft cheese tacos, and cheese enchiladas - just to name a few - you'll find plenty to tempt your taste buds.

Delicious Authentic Mexican Food: Easy Mexican Recipes for Cooking the Perfect Mexican Meal (Kindle Version)
~ Jared Daniels ~
In this 64 page Kindle book, you will find that creating Mexican meals doesn't have to be difficult. You'll find that it can actually be simple and easy. You'll find delicious appetizer, entree, dessert and even some Mexican drink recipes.

Planet Taco: A Global History of Mexican Food
~ Jeffrey M. Pilcher ~
Many people didn't know about tacos as late as the 1960s, unless they lived in the American Southwest area. Now-a-days they are well known everywhere in the world. While you won't find any recipes in this 320 page book, it's a fun read to learn the origins of the taco and how the Mexican cuisine evolved.