Monday, April 23, 2012

VIolet the Pilot Series

Canadian trade pilot, proprietor of a printing company, mother of two and author of the Violet the Pilot children’s book serial, Bettina Bathe has a gift and vigor for today’s youth. I believe this air travel adventure fiction series is suitable for kids aged between three and eight years old. Her children’s book series center during one time of year in one nation at once, though the escapades in each book are widely assorted and involve diverse aircraft. Beginning in Canada, Bettina’s chief character takes three riders in a floatplane for a camping/fishing trip during the spring. Her second book has Violet the Pilot carrying two young French riders on a hot-air balloon ride to a site where the duo can begin a bike tour escapade and enjoy autumns aesthetic colors. Bettina’s third book in the series is focused on the Hawaiian Islands during the summer season, where two young passengers want a scenic tour of the islands in Violet’s helicopter. In this book, there is an unforeseen adventure when the three were called upon to rescue a marooned baby whale. These books could be regarded educational tools as the illustrator, Barbara Fortin, integrates well-designed scenery describing the countryside, wildlife, appareling and food that are encountered in each country. Bettina uses educational information about air power and the assorted aircraft that are used in her books. The employment of maps and other interesting pictures including each country’s flag – will for certain give the reader tools for additional interaction with the children. Distinctly, Bettina’s series of children’s books are configured to not only educate children about their world and the diverse aircraft technology, but are also composed with the intention to prompt aviation dreams in young girls. The author’s website ( provides ongoing competitions and awards for readers. Violet the Pilot in Canada – issued October 2004 – ISBN# 1-4120-3215-6 Violet the Pilot in France – printed July 2005 – ISBN# 0-9738290-0-1 Violet the Pilot in Hawaii – released January 2006 – ISBN# 0-9738290-1-X

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