Saturday, March 23, 2013

Born Evil

Author of two books and numerous short stories, J.P. Ransom is busily composing a series of books known as Colla’d Greens and two more  books are included in the continuation to Born Evil.
Born Evil is a compact, 150-page book that is published on acid-free paper – which could be of interest to the environmentally aware consumer. I would place this book in the scary horror category, which involves a baby that is born evil. Traumatized by former experiences, only deepens Jonathan’s natural disposition – a brutal want to induce injury. Unready for a troubled child, his adopted parents are continually weltering in thick quarries of intense uncertainty. Rick suspects the truth, but Trish discovers it very difficult to suppose or even admit that little Jonathon is competent of such odious acts.

I believe the book creates a good point that a few people are plainly born with a want to do harm, with no abusive situation to ascribe these urges to. Readers are also shown how these impulses can easily be promoted through socially acceptable entertainment and through being witness to violent acts.
While reading Born Evil, I experienced a wide array of emotions from anger to sadness and shock. The ending was exceptional and I look forward to J.P. Ransom’s sequel.
ISBN#: 1410788520
Author: J.P. Ransom
Publisher: Author House

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