Friday, March 8, 2013

Falsely Accused:Ji, Garrison's Investigation of the JFk Assasination

Writer R.E. Payne takes an in depth look at the JFK assassination in “Falsely Accused”. The answers that America has been wanting to know for decades come from the author of “Caught in the Crossfire“ and “Brandon lee: The Untold Story“. One question that has gone unanswered is the reason why the Justice Department and the New Orleans D.A. Jim Garrison refused to investigate the Mafia leader Carlos Marcello’s link to the assassination. Why did officials deny the connection between the mafia and the JFK assassination when it was an obviously needed investigation? These questions are answered in this eye-opening explanation.

David Ferrie, Clay Shaw, and Lee Harvey Oswald continue to generate curiosity in the minds that want the real truth about what happened on that terrible day. Witnesses claim they saw the three of them together, but the stories vary. Payne takes the case even further by taking a close look at how the New Orleans FBI and the ones in charge of the JFK assassination investigation along with the possibility of Marcello being involved. Payne gives very detailed descriptions about key components of the investigation like FOGG arrest report and the BRILLAB tape. Tough the House Select Committee cautiously investigate, the FBI was regarded inefficient in some areas. R.E. Payne is known for writing about the misdeeds of the FBI.

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