Thursday, February 16, 2012

" I kIssed a Frog and My Prince Forgave Me"

Naomi Jo Rush new book of poetry, I Kissed a Frog and My Prince Forgave Me, is a well-crafted poetic journey by unfaithfulness.

Naomi discloses the most compromising time in her wedded life. Her verse teaches us that married couples tend to forget about each other’s needs and become absorbed in accustomed daily conduct. While she strained for the attention that her husband would not or could not furnish Naomi put on a public presentation of a merrily content wife, when she was actually hollering with frustration inside.

Her disarray matures with the prospect of enticement. The thrill of spontaneity joined with feeling of being desired draws Naomi to her lover like a drowning individual would urgently clasp at a lifeline.

Craving for her husband to acknowledge the change and discovering she never wanted the marriage to terminate prompts Naomi to confess her wrong doings. When it is all disclosed, Naomi endures the agonizing guilt while watching her husband wrestle in the anguish she brought down upon him.

At long last, I believe Naomi furnishes hope for us all in depicting us the reasons and effects of unfaithfulness by walking us through the steps of recuperating a marriage. Some may feel encouraged that marriages have a chance of crossing this basic error if we show each other love and open the channels of communication .We can thrive in a world of strife and enticement but others never recover.

ISBN#: 1424100275
Author: Naomi Jo Rush
Publisher: Publish America

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