Thursday, August 16, 2012

"Don't Go Alone"

This 284-page whodunit thriller written by  by Margaret Lenois has spins and twists that leave  readers thinking right until the conclusion.

Good-looking, well-built Michael Bannagan is chief executive officer and founder of a booming computer company – he’s also a philanderer. Unused to to hard knocks or a messy life, Michael is having a hard time with his frigid and attractive wife. He’s been caught unfaithful, once more (but he’s not the only one), and she wishes a divorce. Out of the blue, he finds he is apprehended for a murder he is not guilty of. All the hints aim to Michael and he is aware he is being set up – but by whom, and by how many? Are they acting collectively? And how come?! After all, Michael has never done anything malevolent in his life.

Don’t Go Alone is a tale of beau monde - of limos, kept wives and fancy homes. It is a tale of passion and disgrace, of regrets and betrayal, errors and love… hate and revenge.

. She may very well be the next female author that we see on the best selling list!

ISBN#: 0-9771971-3-1
Author: Margaret Lenois
Publisher: Better Be Write Publishing

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