Sunday, November 25, 2012

"Complete Without Kids"

It is tough being childless in a baby-centric world. A person can be made to feel incomplete and unfulfilled when they don't have children. "Complete Without Kids" by psychologist Ellie Walker touches on the challenges childless people like herself  face through interviews.  She explains how she arrived at her own decision to be child-free by choice and why others choose to have no children.  Her book does not just cover child-free by choice but those childless for other reasons. I thought this was an exellent book because she covred all aspects. So many of these kinds of books are only radical feminist rants or full of self-pity. Wlaker presents a nice balance although it seemed like she was apologizing for her choice. No one should have to aopoligize for thier choices in the 21st century.  In conclusion, "Complete Without Kids"  is a worthwhile read for those with or without kids. For those with kids, they can gain an understanding on why some people may not have or want children. For the childless, it is a good resource full of advice and support.Many misconcpetions will be cleared.I higihly recommend this book.

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