Friday, November 8, 2013


Amapola is a marvelous and exciting novel by Alan Heywood. The characters are just lucky to be in the right place or maybe lucky. Some parts are similar to James Bond movies. I enjoy the occasional humor Heywood uses throughout Amapola and the strength of female characters. There is also much focus on how friends are important.

The main character is George Maverick, a retired major. He has not been able to forget a Costa Divan girl named Sakai. She won his heart though they were separated for a time. George believed he did right by leaving her but time hadn't helped him her over her. He passes time with an import export business which means he visits Mexico occasionally. His sister's family helps him fill a void since he isn't married. A drug gang kills his brother-in-law and niece which really angers him. George has a chance to get revenge when the government ask his help in fighting drug cartel. He goes on the adventure triggered by anger with hopes of seeing Sakai again.

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