Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Letter Writer

I Loved reading this book. The characters were depicted first-rate. Jack, a multimillionaire who goes through mid-life crisis and finishes encountering significance to his life – but it costs him millions of dollars and emotional anguish. Adele is a heavy-drinking, independent, multimillionaire with an autonomous head and a sense of humor. Wendy, a single mother who discovers the love of her life. Baffled educators diddling with their pupils’ lives in their conquest and the retiring professor who defies this secret plan has a heavy secret. A married consultant continues an affair with another man and when he is found out, he believes his world has stopped.
I would allege this fable is a clean comedy that is rather amusing and has a few romance components likewise. Author Robert Mercer-Nairne brings attention to basic human vices with a sense of play. He distinctly discloses the desire to ‘get rich fast’ in North American Society. Members of this order incline to hear what we prefer to hear and perceive the greener grazing land out there somewhere – instead of in the present moment.
Readers are presented the craziness of pursuing others blindly and the risk of where our covetousness can carry us. Innocents can have their life irrevocable changed by another persons desire to climb a corporate or societal ladder. The benefit of spiritual leaders to help anchor the characters in this novel, helping them learn to forgive themselves and move on in life is used at several aims in the chronicle.
I advocate this book for anyone looking for a light, entertaining read.
ISBN#: 0974814105
Publisher: Gritpoul, Inc
Author: Robert Mercer-Nairne

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