Friday, September 7, 2012

The Science of Getting Rich

The Science of Getting Rich

Self-improvement is a popular category of books. The most popular sub-categories are money and wealth creation. However, a few of these books stand out among the rest because they are unique.. One of them is the “Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Whattles published in the 1920’s. This book may be almost  a hundred years old but contains some useful concepts for today. The title makes it seem like science is needed for wealth creation that maybe comparable to advanced physics. Therefore, many people would assume the same principles can guide them to achieve wealth.  This assumption presumes the reader grabs the techniques and ignores rhetoric. Furthermore, the reader believes they will for certain create wealth by following these scientific laws.

Wallace D.Whattles wrote the book as the Enlightenment period gradually changed to Modernism. This explains why a great deal of similar books  on wealth creation were founded on Modernism which means being certain one can accomplish wealth if they have a focus and do all they can to achieve it. During this time people worked through shortcomings to make things right.Modern welath creation books are about leverage  while The Science of Getting Rich focuses on creative aspects.

Bringing Together the Craft and Science of Wealth Building

Though the book alleges certainty, it can actually be classified as philosophical work. Wattles discusses  the importance of a unified theory that is part of Hindu beliefs gradually coming into the Western world. The main concepts behind wealth creation now  are embedded  in the universal system. Whattles believes we all have a right to get wealthy in the system  and gives the basis to help accomplish the right. Whattles describes the Science of Getting Rich as the growth of life and development of mankind. A person should have a positive outlook about wealth creation as their right.

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