Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Great Expectations

Most of us had to read Great Expectations in school. It was written by Charles Dickens in the mid 1800s set in London during the early 1800s. The story focuses on an orphan Pip who is six when the story starts and lives with his sister and brother- in-law . Pip meets many unique characters as he comes of age. He encounters a convict, Abel Magwitch , at the beginning of the story while visiting family graves. Abel wants Pip to help him escape and steal food from his sister. Magwitch is recaptured the next day. He also meets Miss Havish is wealthy unmarried lady. She wears a wedding dress all the time because she got jilted at the altar. She has an adopted daughter, Estella, whom Pip falls in love with though the girl is bitter. He learns he is to get an inheritance and thinks it is Miss Havusham, but it is Magwitch.Magwitch became wealthy and there is a warrant for his arrest. Pip tries to help Abel escape by boat. Pip discovers the reason for Miss Havisham's odd actions and the real motive for wanting him and Estella together. It is a good read with romance and action.

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