Friday, October 14, 2011

Elsie Dinsmore

"Elsie Dinsmore' is the first book in a series about an 8 year old girl who struggle with her Christianity. This series was written in the mid-1800's pre civil war era by Martha Finely. The last book was published in 1906.The series has enjoyed a rebirth in Christian circles.I had never heard of these books before until someone mentioned them on a forum. They are in the public domain which can
be downloaded from Project Gutenberg. The series has as many critics as praise.

I just read 'Elsie Dinsmore' on kindle and could see where the critics come from. unless one is into legalism,it won't be appealing. Elsie is the only daughter of the late Elsie Grayson and Horace Dinsmore.In the first few chapters, Elsie awaits
the return of her father. The grandfather and his second wife was left to raise her at Roselands mansion here she attends school with her young aunts and uncles;
Arthur, Walter, Louise, Enna,and Lora, half siblings to Horace.

She tries to win the affections of Horace Dinsore who is cold to her most of the time especially in the beginning. She suffers at the hands of the teasing
by Arthur and the ill treatment from the governess Miss Day. Her only friends seems to be her maid Chloe and Adelaide, Horace's oldest half sister, is rather fond of her. I find her character a bit unrealistic. She chides herself for the slightest infraction and cries on most pages. How many 8 year olds are this pious and concerned for their souls? Nothing really happens in the book. Christian publishers have reissued this series but leave out a great deal of details. Elsie is regarded the paragon saint of virtue but who would want to copy her? It is only interesting for historical value in my opinion. I plan to write a more thorough review.

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