Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Year of Rag Quilts

A Year of Rag Quilts 
What if you could create rag quilts for a year? With this great project book, you can do just that. A Year of Rag Quilts is simple book with easy-to-do projects.  Featuring an authentic homespun look, these 12 quaint wall quilts boast seasonal patterns and wonderfully textured edges. Best of all, they're surprisingly easy to make, thanks to a effortless, unique technique and great step-by-step instructions.
Making quilts is a favorite pastime for many crafters and hobbyist, and if you are in this category then you will love A Year of Rag Quilts. The patterns are not only authentic but they are appealing to the eye. They will also make a good conversation piece.
You can take these quilts and create family memories from them. Get the entire family involved and share some quality time together. Or invite a few girlfriends over, make some hot apple cider, and have a great time creating a quilt that you can give-away to a pregnant friend or someone who may be sick and shut-in.
You can also give this book to a person who enjoys projects like making quilts and blankets. They will love A Year of Rag Quilts. And why not spice up the gift a bit with the material and tools needed to make one quilt. They will really love that. You can even make a basket and take it to a senior citizen’s home. There are a many women, even maybe even men, who would love to have a project book with the materials needed to make a year’s worth of quilts.
There is great possibility in what you can do with A Year of Rag Quilts in your craft basket.

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