Saturday, January 7, 2012

Smart Soapmaking

Smart Soapmaking addresses everything you need to begin creating your own soap. The book’s writer, Anne Watson, loves the operation of creating soap for her personal use and as gifts. In her book, she applies a direct approach to soapmaking,

The book furnishes the primary instruments and steps of soapmaking. It also exposes old-time myths and concerns of soapmaking, such as “soapmaking is unsafe & soapmaking is pricy”.

The easy to follow directions for the cold-process of soapmaking are included. The book benefits from nice examples and is easy to read. The included recipes are easy and well-balanced. Soaps consist of blending fat, water and lye. Color &/or aromas can then be added to suit your individual preference.

This primary soapmaking book is a great beginning point for creating your own soap, whether it is for yourself or as a gift for somebody special.

The book includes the author’s e-mail address, she is more than pleased to resolve any questions that you might have.

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