Saturday, January 28, 2012

Beautiful Girlhood

"Beautiful Girlhood" by Mabel Hale is a book for girls written in the early 1900's mostly focused on living a Christian life. It speaks using metaphors of how a girl starts as a blossom and grows into a full grown rose.
Have you ever watched the development of a rose from the tiny bud to the open flower? The bud held little more promise of beauty than the foliage about it; but day by day it grew until it was full and round. One day you saw a thread of color, promise of the rose to be, peeping through the covering of green.

Ms.Hale talks about the proper character, keeping good company,how to conduct themselves on outings, and preparing for the big responsibility(wife and motherhood). I find it has a few good tidbits like not focusing on outer appearance, encouraging a vocation and reading but mostly seems outdated. Modern girls can't relate to arguing with their mother on a hemline. Ms. hale forbids the reading of anything that tarnishes the mind. A newer edition is available by Karen Andreaola. You can read the original for free here.

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