Monday, March 26, 2012


I read "Christy" by Catherine Marshall as a young adult and loved it. Marshall based the story on her mother's own travels to the Appalachians. Christy Huddleson is 19 yr old in 1912 who volunteers as a teacher on a mission trip teaching in Cutter Gap, Tennessee in a a fictional village set in the Appalachians. Christy came from an affluent family in Asheville, north Carolina. The atmosphere is rather challenging for her as she experiences filthy conditions and fol medicine. She works along side a preacher named David Grantland to teach them a life apart from feuding that has long been a tradition in the community. , Neil McNeill, an agnostic the village considers an outsider, attempts to draw her concern toward the locals. She get s involved ina love triangle between Neil and David plus makes some new friends like Fairlight Spencer. I really can not find much negative except some may find a description of a rape offensive and the stereotyping of Calvinism. "Christy" was made into a series in 1994.

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