Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The DUggars:"A Love that Multiplies"

A Love that Multiplies” is the new book by Michelle and Jim bob Duggar from TLC’s “ 19 Kids and Counting” reality show. Jim Bob and Michelle live in Arkansas with their 19 kids ranging in age from 23 to 2. Te oldest chlid, Josh is married with two kids. The last book by the Duggars, “20 and Counting” explains their humble beginning to how the became reality TV stars. “ A Love that Multiplies” is a continuation of their first book which concluded before the birth of their 18th child. The book is divided into four parts. Part It begins by talking about they survived an ice storm and about Jim Bob’s parents who moved in with them. after his dad developed a tumor. The premature birth of their 19th child, Josie, takes up a big part of the first half.

Josie was born by emergency C-section at 25 weeks gestation due to Michelle’s gall bladder trouble and preclampsia. Josie spent several months at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. The family moved to a rental house so they could be near Josie while two older boys, John David and Joseph , stayed behind in Springdale. It was trying ordeal but they credited their faith-centered lives for helping them through. It explains how they tried to make life as normal a possible for the other kids by taking them on various outings. They met interesting people along the way as told in later chapters. One was a mother who also had a premature baby born around Josie‘s original due date.

Parts 2-4 go into more detail about their beliefs, child rearing strategies, and hopes for the future. The reader learns why they chose to home school, the children’s future plans, and if the kids date. Some things are repeated from the first book. Each chapter starts with a Bible verse and recipes are scattered throughout. On the outside looking in, they can make a person feel second rate. The Duggars are involved in their community and helping others. Three of the older Duggar children are volunteer firefighters and the family takes yearly mission trips to El Salvador. However, they are associated with Christian Fundamentalism and Quiverful but deny being part of the movement. Quiverful followers shun all forms of birth control which is taken from Psalms 127:3-5.

Overall, I think the Duggars are well-meaning people. They are honest in answering questions and responding to critics. With that said, this book reads more like a sermon in the second half and a script for their show in the first half with some added details. It is an interesting book with useful advice if you can get past the preaching.

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