Monday, March 12, 2012

"The Garden of Eden :What Really Happened

"The Garden of Eden: What Really Happened" by Marc Mourier talks about secrets hidden in the Bible. Mourier says there is proof Eve was a clone of Adam and God used the Flood to purify the Earth because of an experiment gone wrong. However, he also alleges civilizations existed before Adam and Eve. He believes the Bible has undergone more than 4000 translations which is far from the original meaning and people should be cautious.

He also alleges theologians try to hide matters they don't want to talk about by using a power grid. Mourier describes a very different picture of the Garden of Eden and the true Hebrew version of the Bible doesn't depict it as a flowery garden. Some other things explained are:

The book also gives Mourier's explanations on:

The secret, shocking and hidden revelations" of the Bible

Where the Bible shows "proof of visitors from outside"

Religious "cover-ups"
Who specifically visited the Garden of Eden and created Adam.

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