Thursday, October 11, 2012

Top 5 Classic Scary Books

Top 5 Classic Scary Books for Halloween

Halloween makes most people want to bring out their favorite scary book. There is nothing like reading a good scary book or thriller on Halloween. Especially classic novels are good choices as they have all the elements. If you need ideas, here are five suggestions for scary novels to get your fill of fright.
Frankenstein (1818) - Mary Shelly
A young Victor Frankenstein had an interest In chemistry since a child. As an adult, Doctor Frankenstein is obsessed with creating a monster out of body parts from corpses. However, the monster does not turn out the way he believed it would.

Turn of the Screw(1898) - Henry James

A narrator is listening to an account of a young governess being read by a male friend. The governess believes she is seeing ghosts of former employees. Even worse, she thinks they are after the children.

Dracula(1897)- Bram Stoker

What is Halloween without this classic novel? Count Dracula moves to England but not without a battle with a small group of men and women. Jonathan Harker, Dracula’s real estate agent, is given crucifixes and other things to ward off evil. Harker is charmed by the old gentleman and find himself prisoner.

Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde- Robert Louis Stevenson

The classic tale of alter egos. A lawyer, Mr.Utterson, listens to his friend’s story about an assault. He talks about an evil figure who wreaks havoc on London but it is only a rumor until someone witnesses a brutal attack.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow - William Irving

A teacher, Ichabod Crane, comes to Sleepy Hollow, a town haunted by a headless horseman. The ghostly horseman is believed to be the ghost of a soldier looking for his head. Ichabod falls in love with Katrina Van Tassel but is soon embroiled in a love triangle.

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